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  • Embarrassing! Messi’s jersey and shorts were taken with only the underpants left


    Obviously, Messi can cause a sensation anywhere in the world and his face is his name card, and almost anyone on the earth knows Messi. But this Barca’s super star met something weird after the World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Bolivia.


  • Rooney: I’m leaving if Mourinho’s coming


    The Spanish media report that Mourinho’s entering Man Utd is bogging down because of Rooney. According to the media, Rooney is worrying that he will be demoted to substitute when Mourinho coaches Man Utd, and he keeps threatening the club’s top management, “I’m leaving if Mou

  • Tevez: Man Utd blamed me for joining Man City


    Argentine forward Tevez says the reason why he joined Man City then was Man Utd did not keep their promise to buy him out.

    Before joining Man City in the summer of 2009, Tevez was on loan in Man Utd for two years. After signing Tevez, Man City held a big bl

  • Kaka: Real Madrid’s fans should respect CR7 more


    “Those who join Real Madrid are great. Cristiano Ronaldo is successful today because he plays for Real Madrid. CR7 is a great player, and I don’t just mean his strength but also his contributions to Real Madrid. So Real Madrid’s fans should respect CR7, for he has paid a lot for th

  • Wenger: I don’t care about the criticism


    Wenger confirms that he will definitely continue coaching Arsenal next season, though he has been criticized a lot lately.

    Now Arsenal have been out of UEFA Champions League and FA Cup, and their prospect in the EPL title race is not so good. As Man Utd, Ma

  • Mikel: I lost Mourinho’s trust


    Mikel John Obi, midfielder in Chelsea, says Jose Mourinho did not trust him anymore. Before Mourinho got sacked this season, Mikel only had 5 appearances in games.
    Mikel has been a regular starter in the team since Guus Hiddink arrived. Mikel believes

  • Isco: Real Madrid do not perform well? Don’t blame me and James Rodriguez!


    Real Madrid’s performances this season fail to make their fans happy, and they basically have lost the hope of winning the La Liga title. Isco, leading midfielder in Real Madrid, accepts an interview and admits the team does not perform well this season, but he doesn’t think he and James

  • Hummels: Dortmund are eager to beat Klopp


    The UEFA Europa League quarterfinals are going to start next week, and the game between Dortmund and Liverpool is absolutely the most attractive. Hummels of Dortmund accepts an interview and tells he looks forward to the two passionate rounds, and Dortmund wish to defeat Klopp’s Liverpool and

  • Messi: I would like to meet Obama and his daughter


    Now Messi is in Argentine national soccer team for the World Cup qualifier, and American president Obama is visiting Argentina with his daughter. Obama tells his daughter is Messi’s fan, and she wants to meet Messi but Messi barely has time. Messi is asked about this thing by TYC television, a

  • A super star could join Napoli!


    The contract of Swedish forward Ibrahimovic in PSG is going to end this summer, making his where-to-go unknown. Though a rumor comes that a Chinese club would like to offer him 75 million euros as his yearly salary to lure him, Italy Football tells Ibrahimovic wants to join Napoli of Serie A, accord

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